Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Todays' trend and how to respond - SEO

After a few days blog posting, there is a decrease now in the growth trend.

It's obvious that something shifted in the way search engines respond to my content.

So, when there is such a drop, what is the best response.

Here are some possibilities:
  • Keep posting exactly the way I did before
  • Post new materials like articles or other texts
  • Change the ads I post to a more article like format
  • ???

What is the best response today?

Well, the main mistake would be to give and shift line of activity!

Don't do that!

As I have seen in the past, the results I got are serious and it means that the strategy I have been applying does work!

Now, the hurdle I face now can be a natural trend and I have seen these sudden shifts in the past either up or down.

So, first strategy:

  • Stay focused and don't give up

Then, maintain the line of action or shift something?

Shift what?

Ad what?

These are the next key questions I need answers for