Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Today's key challenge - SEO

How to get the blog posts that already score to score even higher?

That's THE key question for today!!!

That's the element I need a solid strategy for!

Here are some possible options:
  • Post again the set of links to these pages - REPEATED action
  • Ad something to the post itself - Text? more keywords? longer post? More tags?
  • Post new individual links to these posts
  • Post links to these posts in the blogrolls/footers/sidebars of the other blogs
  • ????

What EXACTLY can be done to increase the success rate of these pages???



The blogs posts that score high often didn't get accessed by the specific key phrase they were posted for.

It might something similar or close but in most cases, it is not the specific keyphrase...

But when checking the top ranking for the SPECIFIC keyphrase, the page does already score usually pretty high.

So, what I am saying right here in this update does not influence the target for today and the fact that the score for the specific posts can still be imporved for the specific keywords