Monday, May 18, 2009

SEO Blogging results - The pages that score best - SEO

So far, I starts to see the first results in ranking.

The pages that seemt o score best are the ones from the already well established break up for men blog which is hosted on the site.

This blog has been active for a while.

Now, the question is:
  • Do these posts score high because they are hosted on a blog which has been well established?
  • Or do these pages score high because I post links to them in the 20 other blogs I created so far?

In other terms, does posting specific links to blog posts on all sites trigger a higher ranking.

  • Is this one decisive element?
  • What happens if the links posted on all blogs direct to already created SEO pages, not blog posts? Does it work as well?
  • Can this strategy only generate higher rankings for any post on any blog? or does the blog need to be well established + hosted on vitalcoaching?

These are key questions I should be REALLY testing as it is a super important indication to how high ranking of a page works.

There are at least 3 tests I should run:

  • Posting systematically links on all 20 blogs to SEO pages and see if the traffic to these pages increases
  • Posting systematically links to other blogs on
  • Posting systematically links to blogs not hosted on vitalcoaching but on blogger or wordpress

Even if this last one works, it might not be too usefull to create traffic building strategies to pages not hosted on vitalcoaching - This is solid traffic juice and I should rather build traffic to my domain name rather than a generic domain name on blogger or wordpress.



I checked another well established blog: vitalnews which as the exact same features as the main breakup blog.

While there is clear traffic increase on breakup for men, there is no traffic increase towards vitalnews.

The only difference between the activity on these two blogs over the last couple days is the fact that no links to vitalnews were posted on other blogs whereas all new posts on break up for men were linked from all other blogs.

So, yes! The trick to get this extra traffic boost + results is to get the specific posts linked within the other blogs.

Another option for that one could be that for other previous reasons break up for men was already ranking higher than vitalnews before I started this new SEO BLOGGINg campaign.

To be followed and tested!