Friday, May 29, 2009

Selling strategy - MEMBERSHIP SITE

Right now, I am exploring other possible selling strategies to see if this could increase conversions and response.

Here are some options:

  • Offer a 24 hours complete trial and charge $19 after thsi test drive period

  • Direct to free 7 days trial - On that trial page, visitors cant download the products but they will get a feeling for the navigation and structure + realize how much there is on this program.

I can only guess how any of these would perform.

But my guesses are just guesses until I try them out! Both!


Anyway, I will try to make an eductaed guess to brainstorm on that.

In my opinion, the first option - Let's call it the 24 hours trial - is a massive turn off because most people have no idea how this cancelling process works.

The moment you have to take out your credit card and pay, it is already a commitment you are making.

The second massive turn off and this is being a bit allarmist and negative is that even people who would have bought the program otherwise have the option to cancel and not pay a cent.

If I was in that position and given the possibility to cancel before payment, I would think "Why pay for this product when dozens of other guys won't pay a cent?"

So many people access the product once - It is that easy to cancel. Why would they not do it? Because they have values? Well it is a jungle out there and people grab what they can for free.

On top of that, the thing is that when you grap your credit card to make a payment, it IS a commitment - paying or not at this stage does not even make a big difference.

Next big turn off is that it triggers MORE hesitation - Should I cancel or not - My guess is that this question stays on people's minds a lot even if it is only for $19

The last BIG question is that it must work technically! The thing has not yet been tested

One more? Nothing stops people from signing up for trials over and over again

That's lots of big "bad points"!!!


Good points?

The only ones are if:

  • More people buy!

  • More interest

  • More people are touched!


The other option which is the more traditional test drive is what people expect:

  • Access

  • Not fully featured

  • Time limit

Problem with that one?

The conversion process when people access a restricted page.

This one is not clear.

Is this trial a turn off? absolutely not.

Do people take trials? of course

Will this convert? Well... Having the possibility to test both delivery and access gives a good feeling for the method.