Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Promoted 5 SEO pages - RESULTS - BLOGGING SEO

Some days ago, I promoted these pages a bit - just with 5 posts to all blogs

Results not really showing which is to be expected.

Remember that what gives me the results today is around 200 posts!

5 posts won't make much difference and this is natural and totally expected.

It does give an indication though of the type of effort needed to generate traffic.

It requires a soldi strategy + consistency.

Should I follow up with promoting these SEO pages?

Well, it is actually MUCH better to promote the main sales page - Here is why:
  • 200+ SEO pages take lots of energy and effort to update and maintain
  • They sell much less than the main page because they contain only a fraction of the selling elements
  • They offer less credibility because of their URL
  • Etc.

So, if I have the choice between 20 new posts to promote the main page or promoting the SEO pages, the choice is obvious, right?

I might still run a few tests... We'll see