Monday, May 18, 2009

New SEO blogging campaign - 3 kley challenges right now - SEO

Here we go:

  • Blog design

With the list of blog getting longer, some designs are not too nice and are a turn off.

Target ---->>>Getting a nice consistent design that works


  • Stats

This means that the code needs to be updated in the new blogs - That's doable for blogs hosted on blogger but wordpress does not that editing of template option - stats are still on the site but need to be checked individually for every site


  • Clickthroughs from blog posts to main sales page

At this stage, while visitors are accessing the blog pages, clickthroughs to the actual sales pages are still limited - The target is to have a higher conversion rate of whatever action and have enough value on the blog post page to trigger interest and response.

Target ---->>> Posting strategy needs to be super effective to opimize clickthroughs and visitor's response


That's actually the main key challenge!!!

I need answers and vision on that one!

Target --------->> Max clickthrough rate

Target --------->> Max response

Target --------->> Max conversion