Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Here is what comes!

Diversifying IS natural and beside it is the best prent to give to my audience out there!

So! The challenge of today is actually a call for improving the quality of the blogs by diversifying their content.

With diversification, anything goes as long as it matters and is quality.

My break up blog is one of the top resources online on this topic already... So, simply going with the flow of creativity and inspiration of the moment while creating content that is not only relevant but is as well effective SEO wise is a VERY natural thing to do.

There is already so much! Really - There is no need to force anything - I can take posts, articles, success stories, videos, audios, written power kicks, product icons and simply with that, I already have an infinite range of possibilities and combinations.

Each one of these posts can still be optimized to score high in search results!


Even with diversifying, I can still easily post dozens of high quality ads filled with keywords and solid content without losing time or betraying my audience.

People will be thankful to be drawn to my content even if it is promotional because it is high energy and packed with solid resources! Yes! there is a product to buy but even the promotional material does already give my audience a serious powerful boost!

I am now creating material for both my audience + search engines!