Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Blog posts - Which ones work? - SEO

As it was to be expected the blogs posts which are fully optimized are the ones getting the traffic.

I has 3 types of posts so far:
  • packed with various keyword with internal links directing to main sales page - NOT OPTIMIZED FOR A SPECIFIC KEYPHRASE
  • Video + short text with internal links - NOT OPTIMIZED FOR A SPECIFIC KEYPHRASE

This last category gets the traffic 99% of it.

Simply posting text + posts + vids + interesting info and hoping that search engines will magically make you score higher does not work... At least if the goal is to get these pages to be viewed.

Because of the big amount of keywords and keyphrase pointing to the main page, the first and second category could still have an impact in bringing search engine juice to the main sales page.

That's not yet proven though.


Have a clear, solid and perfected method for posting - a simple change in this posting strategy can make the total difference between success and not success!

It's essential to perfect the strategy + measure results!!! Not juts go with the vague inspiration or feeling of the moment.

Some methods give you high results! Other have zero impact

Find out EXACTLY what works and what doesn't!