Thursday, April 9, 2009

Would I pay for a set of articles? - MEMBERSHIP SITE

In my mind and probably in almost everyone's mind, articles are supposed to be free.

When I see the word article, I think: "FREE CONTENT"

What I might be more enclined to pay for are words like
  • System
  • Program
  • Videos
  • DVD
  • E-book
  • etc.

Even words like videos are double because nowadays so much free content can be accessed that way.

I would be happy to pay for a package that REALLY teaches me something I don't know but the package needs to contain something more than articles. Package these articles in an e-book and you do the trick to me.

Better even write an e-book with the same type of content!

If I buy an e-book and see that it is just a compilation of articles, I might feel slightly ripped off.


So, The easy solution for that one is to add e-books, audios, video + more to the package

That does the trick!