Thursday, April 9, 2009

What does your website say about your services and products? - WEB DESIGN

that's a self autocritic and in fact, I would rather other people do it for me.

Might come later... For now, I'll try to be objective and come up with my own neutral perceptions...

Neutral? Yeah right!!!!

The challenge with this is that if I discovre something essential, I have no choice but go ahead and change it, right?

No knowing about it is safe.

Knowing about it force me to do what it takes to chnage it until it is REALLY better.

So what are the questions:

If I was a vistor to my own site...
  • Would I buy from my site?
  • Would I hire myself as a coach?
  • On what topics would I see myself as an expert?

Well, the first thing that comes to mind is that something is missing in terms of engaging the visitor.

The content is there!

Use it!

That's what I say

Right now, there is no real "conversation" going on between my visitors and me.

There used to be when I had lots of forms and short assessments to submit.

There is more interaction on my youtube channel, subscribers and comments. Yes this works!

There was some interaction in the forums as well.

Now, the interaction is mainly with my coaching clients.

This is where I create relationship!


It is a conscious decision, right?

Why? Because I know that if they are paying for my services they do invest themselves in this relationship.

It really works and it is powerful!


Now, with the signup form, registration, something new is added.

You mean that asking them to buy your membership will create connection?

I don't think so!


So, what is it?

Well, next step would be to have more forms, questions they can answer + possibility to comment and share with some interactive comment or community feature!

Now, you go it!

That's called WEB 2.0

That's community and yes!

You do have dozens of community orineted options which will do the trick...

that's the next series of developement once you set up the membership system:

  • Comments and ratings
  • Follow me on twitter
  • be friends on facebook
  • Subscribe on youtube
  • Etc.

We'll check this further another time!

That's called engaging your audience!

Your website is an opportunity for interaction, not just a delivery tool for static content...

I like that line! Going to use that headline as the next post!