Thursday, April 9, 2009

Tip Jar? - I don't get it! - Looks cheap to me! - BLOGS

Especially if you are a top marketer like I saw lately.

What? You want me to buy you a coffee??? Come on?

Are you for real?

You look like you make a million bucks a month and it almost feel like you are begging!

Or maybe the tip jar thing makes you look more human? Or does it trigger greadiness.

It my mind, it destroys your power and edge and it appears like begging.

Yes, some people might do it but the perception impact is very destructive. It kills the success image you want to convey.

That's my perception...
  • What's someone else's impression?
  • Does it make you more human, does it connects us more because it makes me realize that you are still human?
  • Do you do that to shift our power balance and voluntarily put yourself down?
  • or is it... Simply a mistake?