Thursday, April 9, 2009


Again, I'll take that test and practice that on myself.

Why? Because now is my marketing and selling searching period, right?

Really, it's just an exercise and I have no idea where this will go, but let's start:

Honestly, I think that I am already unique and my audience perceives me that way.

I checked online, youtube, surfed the net and still did not find someone who does what I do!

Sure, many more coaches exist but most of them offer little to no free content!

I on the other hand have a list of 500+ vids + so many more materials on the site.


That's by itself unique.

Lots of free content, that's not too original, is it?

True it is not but it is within the coaching websites market.

What about self help portals?

well, those are portals with dozens of experts and contributors. That's a different story.


What about coaching gurus.

They are live - their main products are events or DVD sets or books.

Their online prsence is often limited to a online shop.

Yes, there is sometimes a community but the way I do it right now is more interactive (or has the potential to be - only a fraction of the features are now in place...)

So, conclusion, I am already the best in a filed but the challenge is that this field still has no name or the present existing name "Life coach" is too vast.

I need to create a new "category" for what I do.

What would be that category?

Let's brainstorm a bit:

  • Vital coach
  • Virtual coach
  • Video coach? Yeah!!! Right! - A good one ;)

Well... Do I need positioning in the first place? Why? What does it change? How will I communicate that positioning anyway?


  • Free coaching
  • Power kicks

Ok, is it your products or is it YOU who needs positioning?

It is my products I believe.

So, in that case, you are launching a membership structure, right?

  • Break up
  • Break up coach
  • Best break up coach ever!!!! ;)

Well, sure! I am already positioned as that!!!

That's simply pure bragging!

  • Spiritual coach
  • Tantric coach
  • Power coach (good but too vague!!!)
  • Yoga coach
  • Raja Yoga coach

These fields don't follow the traditional marketing laws. They are within the spiritual track which follows a different system of evolution than commercial fields.

hatha yoga classes are an exception of course because they are on the edge between wellness and spirituality.

However, yes, these are possible directions that can be taken. True!

  • Vitality
  • Personal power
  • Mind power

These fileds are much vaster and therefore there is much more competition.

Vitality is good and after all, that's the name of your site, right?

The term vitality though is very different than vital


vitality=health=wellness a bit... Not 100%

vitality as well leads to ENERGY!


  • Energy coach
  • Energy coaching
  • Etc.

what else?

  • Power dynamics
  • Life strategies

Life strategies is REALLY what I transmit


What people receive are life patterns with an energy kick to implement them.

This is what I truly transmit.

This positioning thing is interesting but I have no clear vision yet about how to implement it.

I realize that I have been using much more the idea of branding and that there energy consistency and positiveness through everything I create.

let's go for some fresh air boost... Will be back


Oups! Something came up:

  • Best life strategies
  • Life strategies for any challenge
  • Life battle plans
  • hundreds of battle plans
  • Life strategies for every day challenges ( a bit therapeutic...)
  • 1000+ Life strategies to tackle your dating, relationships, business, personal balance
  • 1000+ Life strategies for any challenge
  • thousands of raw life strategies to win today's unique challenges
  • 1532 raw life strategies to win your unique most urgent challenges
  • 1532 raw strategies to win your unique life challenges

These are ok, but they are still vague!

It should say: life strategies for what???? What area? What business? What relationship?

Is it really possible to put EVERYTHING in the same package?

That's exactly what I will find out right now!

  • 2056 winning life mastery strategies! (too many adjectives)
  • 2056 winning strategies for your total life mastery
  • 2359 power boosting strategies
  • 2059 raw strategies for unlimited life mastery!
  • 2059 raw strategies to win life mastery!

Ok! Life mastery as a traget IS exciting! Absolutely!

here are the words I think work!

  • raw strategies
  • winning strategies
  • life strategies
  • life mastery
  • win your challenges
  • The goal? LIFE MASTERY!
  • V for victory
  • V for winning
  • V for Vital
  • Wake up your power!

these are the keywords that come up so far

  • 2089 raw strategies to total life mastery
  • 2089 winning strategies for total life mastery
  • 2089 unique raw strategies to solve 95% of your top life challenges

I need an answer on that one!!