Thursday, April 9, 2009

Sorry, You are NOT ALLOWED to access that page - It is for members only! - MEMBERSHIP SITE

This is what people frequently get when they click on a link which is protected.

It is a massive turn off if you are not a member!

It makes you feel like a criminal!

hey! I didn't do anything wrong! I just clicked on a link!

What is the solution for that?

Some solutions:
  • Give them a friendly message instead!
  • Warn them before they click!

How do you warn visitors? How do you let them know what is free and what is not?


  • You separate free and premium content

Don't really like that one... It forces me to separate things in the site - It might create some chaos in the navigation


  • You ad a "For Members only" note aftre each post...

Well... what if 95% of the content is FOR MEMBERS ONLY, that doesn't make the navigation and design any lighter, does it?


  • You make EVERYTHING "FOR MEMBERS ONLY" and let them know that clearly on the access page

That's the best option so far. No one is confused! Things are clear!