Thursday, April 23, 2009

Signup page choices - MEMBERSHIP SITE

Here are 4 key elements that I had to make a choice with:
  • Price: $ 49 or $19
  • Product on the page: 1, 2 or more
  • Payment options: don't show because already selected before - show both with one preselected
  • Login + password: let custormer choose - automatically choose login + password

After reflecting on this, it is now clear that the major element influencing sign ups is simply the price.

The price was already mentioned earlier in the sales page, so only a fraction of those who visit the sales page will actually access the signup page.

The other elements can play a role and my guess is that they can influence conversions by 10% one way or another.

The multiple product choice could even have a greater influence - Maybe as high as 30% signups drops because too many choices and another one more decision to make.

To be followed...