Thursday, April 9, 2009

No logo? Signatures? Email communication? - MARKETING

Well, that's a good one too...

When I communicate with my clients, they want to connect with a human being, not a brand.

In my email signatures, do they need to see my logo + tag line overe and over?

Do they need promotional messages?

Of course not!!!

Some of them might click on them but here is what happens when you communicate with a marketing strategy as a background drive:

It disconnects them!

You destroy your one on one relationship with them.

No, if what you sent is ad, that a might be a different stroy but even then....

The logo, the brans is often not present.

Why? Because there is often a more authentoc relationship when it is person to person rather than brand to person.

When people feel a marketing energy, if forces them into battle mode!

Why, because selling and being sold is a battle between 2 minds.

Both mind can meet IF the offer and the demand meet but frequently it won't happen and a potential relationship of trust between 2 human beings is then destroyed!

That's too bad and doesn't need to be that way!

In the last few years, there are no longer logos in my emails or signatures.

It's is fine really.

I want people to focus on the content, not the wrapping.

The wrapping is the signature, the font, the colours.

The text and core of the message is what matters the most.

It represents 99% of what needs to be transmitted.

The signature with contact, website, etc. is an extra naviagtion element that helps with follow up step.

It is simply practical, not promotional.

It does not scream!

It simply says: If you need it, here it is - I don't want you to look for it.

In the products, that's different.

So far, the logo seems to be a good mtach on e-book and product covers.

Having it on the site is gooad as well.

It really works... BUT don't overdo it.

People don't need to be bombarded and again, if it is overdone, it distracts them from connecting with you.

People want to connect with a human being, not a brand!

They need it real!