Thursday, April 9, 2009

Do sales letters work? - Of course they do - MARKETING

But they don't really do for me.

Long sales letters are turn offs if this is all there is.

My real decision making points are:
  • Do I need this product?
  • Will it deliver what I need?
  • Is the price range within what I want to pay?
  • Is it packaged in a way that is convenient and easy to use?
  • Do I have all the info I need to make buying decision?

A few times, I made buying decisions without having all the info I needed.

This was with products under $20 which were under the no brain limit.

That's ok!

For the rest, I don't buy into the hipe! Really!

I buy into the need, the features, the solidity and the right pricing.

These are the elements that work for me.

A good and clear sales copy works for me if it is not overshadowing the product but the sales copy has NEVER been the real buying decision element!

It has always been about the QUALITY of the product!

Conclusion for my membership decisions:

Do people NEED what you have to offer?

What is it that they get that will really make them come back for more?