Tuesday, April 28, 2009


In the previous experiment, when accessing my page, I noticed that the design was not an issue either way.

The page is refreshing enough and navigation would be intuitive enough.

What is interesting is that I did not even look at the top navigation at all!

I saw the images and vids on the side bars but did not read the titles.

The only thing I focused on was the core content and links in the middle of the page.

I would easily have clicked on one of the links if it was more specificly answering my question.

I was VERY happy not to have distracting elemenst on the page taking me away from what I wanted to find.

Something VERY interesting too:

I did not rely AT ALL on the top navigation to find what I want. I did not even see the navigation.

So, here are some more conclusions:
  • My focus in on the center of the page
  • I want a few options but not too many
  • I did not check the navigation
  • I did not click on the videos in the side bar
  • Having a "label" on the link like "VIDEO", "EBOOK", "ARTICLE", etc would really help! - I want to know what I am clicking on!