Sunday, April 5, 2009

Amember - site examples critics

  • Mistake 1 - too pushy - too flashy

One of the first sites visited has a heavy tone to it - it is VERY unclear and pushes a sale strategy rather than making it clear what the product is.

I want to know exactly what the product is first without having to go through longs sales pages + multiple loaded clicks to find out what this is about

  • Mistake 2 - price far too high

Same site - The offer is far beyond what I would pay for that type of info. The value is not high enough and it is overpriced! Asbolutely!

  • Mistake 3 - poor value in the free membership

same site again - It is clear that the free membership offers close to nothing... Just some articles. this is a massive turn off because the way it is presented devalues the free membership instanly - What is the solution for that one?