Saturday, April 4, 2009

amember - initial conclusions

well, the set up works and the site would be ready for membership

here are some limiting factors though:

  • customization and some essential simple features that could make te work easier are not there.

The first one is a simple login/logout indication that works on htm pages.

I know that this is technical stuff.

Of course, with diving in it, a solution can be found.

Yes! It could eventually work but it is one step at a time + It is NOT obvious and direct to set up.

That's one thing.

The basic features are there and they do work:

  • Payments
  • Login page
  • Logout
  • member page
  • emailing members
  • etc.

the features which do exist in the control panel work great and they are easy to set

What is tricky is to do something which is not yet integrated