Friday, April 24, 2009

1, 2 or more offers on the signup page - MEMBERSHIP SITE

Today, that's the question I ask:

  • Is it better to offer just one offer, preselected on the signup page


  • Offer 2 or more possibilities

I already asked this question earlier and my general feeling is that 1 offer only works better!

At this stage I intuitively would go for 80% for 1 offer - 20% for 2 offers

At leat in my case and for my products.

Of course, I am not sure yet! and this is why I need to find out what others experienced with that...

I am sure though that it is one key factor that can immensely influence conversion rates + or - 50% conversions one way or another.

So... It's super important to get it right!


First hint:

users do not like to be confused


More hints

One site had four membership options that differed from one another in such complicated ways that even with my advanced degree, I couldn't be sure I understood the choices correctly.

Simplicity is golden.

Stick with two or three options, tops, explain them clearly, and always present the most expensive option first.


One hour of research into that question and still only fragments of obvious answers...

I guess I will have to:

  • test!


  • trust my instinct!

This has been working pretty well for me in the past.

I get a feeling of what should work best and then simply implement.

That's the way I will go

For now:

2 days of testing with:

  • new price format
  • 2 signup options
  • etc.

The offer is fine but still 50% of visitors coule be turned off by an offer that requires too much choice making.

Remember that these visitors are often first time visitors who don't really know me yet.

Simplify! would be the keyword for now!