Thursday, March 26, 2009

Professional success

Professional success involves a few key elements:


Be good at what you do. Get extra training if needed. Be up to date and make sure you have the competitive edge in what you do.

Marketing strategy

Having the skills is only half of the story. Be sure you respond to a need and package what you have to offer in a way that makes it easy for other to make business with you.


Be a problem free zone. Dissolve resistances create a frictionless environment. Simplify everything. Design empowering environments which support your actions and goals.

Team spirit and leadership skills

Get others involved. Open space for others, delegate and empower those you work with.


Look beyond and keep in mind the long term goal. Don't loose yourself in details. Keep the larger picture in mind always. Be aware of trends, shifts in markets, client's needs. Stay awake! Listen! Get feed back! Use all your senses.