Thursday, March 26, 2009

Top Marketing Skills

Never reject a potential client

Instead learn about their needs and see what you can do to provide them with what they want. Offer exceptional service.

Have a rhythm for sustained marketing input

Weather you have time for that every day, every second day or just on specific week days, just have a rhythm that feeds your marketing flow. The important is to take action on a regular basis

Invest in your marketing

Take little steps and experiment but move forward. If you freeze your action, the energy flow just stops. See on the long term what is a harmonious investment? how much money? time? energy?

Keep record of your marketing actions. Measure your success and experiences with statistics

Simple stats: how many responses? How many a day? What is your target? Till where can you expand? etc. Look at the overall result. Sometimes the aim of an isolated action is just to get your company's name out there, or shift the public opinion. You don't get more clients on that action but simply shift an overall public feeling about your product or your company.

For instance the modern trend in oil companies marketing is to shift their image to "environmental oriented". Their job is more easy when they get the overall public support. On the long term they greatly benefit from such marketing action.

What is the true goal of your marketing action?

Shift strategies. Experiment!

Shift and improve strategies according to the public's or prospect's response. Be wise, use your intuition, try things! If something does not work, shift!

Success is not a distant goal. Every time you try, you succeed in learning something more.

Use sources of knowledge and inspiration.

Learn about marketing. Subscribe to newsletters, get advice, stay informed, follow trends. Stay aware of what is going on in that field... Learn from the masters in that field.

Develop and perfect new tools.

Website, newsletter, fliers, flashy business cards, etc. If you have already all those tools and they are not yet efficient, perfect them, make them better.

Enjoy it!

Marketing is about flow, action, life force. You won't sustain it in the long term if you have no fun with it. It is an integral part of your business success. So find out fast what works for your field and apply it!

Accept the marketing laws

It is often about competition, learning to compete. Some things cannot be shifted in the business world. It is a landscape, a play with certain rules... This landscape is changing, evolving, get familiar with it.

Develop a marketing body

A marketing body is the sum of all your marketing skills. It is the vehicle you are in when you play that role. Develop the skills you need, complete what is still missing, learn, discover. It's fun!