Thursday, March 26, 2009

Key start up questions

Key start up questions

If you are a start up, ask yourself these questions:


Do you have all the skills you need to be successful with you business venture? What is still missing?


What is your present financial status? Are your finances healthy? Sources of income? Where? How much?

Location, physical set up, assets

Do you have all the tools needed for your business? Anything missing? How much do you have to invest for your business to be complete?

Vision, timing

What is your vision? what are your short term goals? What are your long term goals?


What is your product? Do you have possibilities of diversifying?

Marketing strategy

Do you have a marketing strategy? What are your marketing tools? What do you need to invest in your marketing? What is your market? Where is it? Who are your clients? Do you need a "niche"?


Are you alone on that or do you need to join forces with someone?

Network, support, reinforcers

Who around you is supporting your adventure? Do you need external support? Where do your family and friends stand in all that? Are you part of a professional network?

Sources of inspiration, "masters" in your field, motivators

Who is being successful in your field? How are they doing it? What are your inner and outer sources of motivation?


Do you have sufficient experience? If you need more experience, where or how do you get it?

Professional boundaries

How much time, money and energy are you investing in your business? What is your long term ideal life balance?

Life balance

How would you qualify your life style today? Is anything essential still missing in your life? How would you define success?