Thursday, March 26, 2009

Business skills

What skills do you need?

Here are the main business skills areas you can develop:

  • Business administration
  • Leadership and management
  • Product research and development
  • Marketing skills
  • Personal balance

In a scale from 1 to 10, how good are you in these various areas?

What is the number 1 area you want to focus on?


How can you gain the skills you need?

  • Formal training within a school or organization.
  • Experience, action, trials.
  • Connect with a professional network to get feed back and support.
  • Hire a consultant or find expert partnerships to bring in the needed skills (for instance partner with an advertising agency for the marketing side)
  • Targeted training: Get a coach.


What do you want to invest to gain these new skills?

  • How much time?
  • How much energy?
  • How much money?


What results do you expect?

  • Define a time frame to gain these new skills
  • How will you know your reached you target?
  • What does it take to gain these new skills?
  • How will you feel once you gained these new skills?
  • How will this impact on your work business or organization?


The key to gain new skills is to take action.

Take a white page and write down your options.

What is your best strategic move?

What move do you feel the most excited about?