Thursday, March 26, 2009

9 keys to create synergy


Those who are there want to be there. They are there out of their free will.


The flow between participants is what creates synergy. It is not about one or two people leading the show. It is about all parts of the team engaging in the game. Invest yourself in the game.

Valuable purpose

“Why do you come together?” should be the first question.


If you are not excited about the event, you only engage less than 50% of your being. This is how much the synergy will respond. It is a direct response to what you invest.


Synergy is about intuition and responding to the flow, dancing in the moment.

Taking action

Synergy happens because individuals act! They do not wait and watch. They act, take steps and move forward. So drop the doubts and feel free to experience.

Harmonious context

The environment you are in is vibrant and conductive. Your attitude, state of mind is geared towards openness.


Many individuals… One purpose. It is just the right time!


No need to extend it in length. When it works, just let it go when it is vibrant. Know how to transition.