Thursday, March 26, 2009

10 keys for creating a dynamic list

High quality of your message

Test your links

Meaningful content

Make it relevant original.

Make the message light, brief and direct, to the point

Offering all sorts of things in all directions might distract your prospect...

The subject must be related with your field of activity

Don’t promote holidays in the Bahamas when you want to sell the latest laptop.

Always allow people to decline receiving further messages

Update your list with the new information! The subscribing/unsubscribing option is usually at the end of the message.

Never send a message for selling something else than what you have to offer

This means don't send promotions for other products that require people to buy something. Unless you have a clear agreement with this other company.

Once a week maximum for a free casual list

Unless it is clearly specified when people sign up for it.

Don’t overload your existing clients with new promotions

This could distract them from what they are already buying from you

Have fun marketing your product

Offer the clear possibility to forward this message to friends