Monday, February 23, 2009

Break up - for men - new sales pages strategies - TESTING - new developments - 3 days after start

New more results, less features oriented - video

Today, I am posting a new video intro with more emphasis on the benefits rather than the features - the video is longer - 10 min but more detailed in its content... Let's see how it feels

PS: No money back guarantee on that one


3 days into this test

  • %bounce - now almost balanced with usual trend - nothing special or spectacular on that level
  • %exit - same story
  • time on page more than 2 min - again average considering the fact that there is no longer a sales page to read, only a video to watch
  • sales - too short to give a trend - right now could be equal more or less or higher - not sure - the page should need to be tested for at least 1 month to get a final answer


80% leave without watching the vid?

(update --> this number could be lower somewhere between 70%-80% probably)

if a video view is seen as an "action conversion" the conversion rate is 20%-30% probably

in 2 days, around 100 page views

20 video views (according to google videos)

This means that 80% of those who access the page leave without even checking the vid!

would a lower price change that rate or is simply the fact that it's obvious there is something sell?

If the price was $19, what would the results be?

What if there was a form to opt in?


the 2 videos on long sales page viewed 4000 times each

the long sales page has been viewed 15000 times

that's only !!!

These 4000 video views represent all SEO break up for men pages + the satellite websites, etc. This means that the real number of actual page views could be much higher.

For instance, the extra4 SEO pages were viewed 30000+ times during that period.

so, it the total pages is 45000+ page views, only 10% of visitors max have been viewing the vids.

This is normal because there is lots to see on the page!!!


Drop in rank + less coaching sign ups?

a couple of more important points:

  • the long sales page ranks high in search engines - a short one video page could make this precious traffic drop
  • If the new sales page makes more profit but sells less, it could of course bring less coaching clients as well because less men access the program (which is often a first step before signing up for coaching.


Higher challenge

This new sales page together with the price is more edgy and creates a higher challenge - it does not play the usual sales pages game. It expresses more confidence on my side and forces guys to tap into a higher level of power in them if they want to get it. In a way, it aims higher but could as well turn off many men because of either the price or the lack of detailed info on the sales page


again, to be followed....