Wednesday, July 2, 2008

June results - vital membership not reinforced

This months was testing the free access to stay fit, tantric sex and wake up your power programs.

  • Membership sales down 75%

This is logical! - offering some of the programs for free lowers the value of the membership - Not enough data to make it 100% sure but that's the idea

  • E-books sales down 20%

If more is in free access, the audience will naturally tend to buy less.

  • Coaching up 50% with a few new clients

The shift is clear again - I was talking about the bridge of trust and it this is an indication that the bridge of trust was established again.

Overall, income is down 10% compared with last month

The data is toolittle to draw a final conclusion but it seems that this is more or less equivalent to last month.

Now, we are back to the situation I was in March/April but the income compared with these months is lower 25%

That one is significant!

The big difference this month of June compared with March/April is that I did not post too many promotional material or new videos.


because I focused on nutrition exploration, raw food, outdoor energy work, etc.

This means that the amount of reach out energy going to my audience was lower.

In other terms, I was less out there showing my face and speaking out.