Friday, June 6, 2008

traffic from youtube

Over a whole year period, clicks from youtube represented 2% of the overall traffic to

in the last month, this traffic is rising and is now at 6%

This accounts only for real clicks.

the direct traffic is 12% in the last month.

The overall traffic related with my youtibe activity could around 10% of my overall traffic.

This is like 70 visits/day

with 3000 videos watched/day, this represents a 2.3% CTR - clich through rate

for 100 videos watched, 2 persons visit my site

If I continue posting vids the way I do and get the same type of results, this number of youtube related visits could be at 180 by the end of the year.

This is equivalent to the traffic coming from yahoo right now

these are still small numbers and it is as well only a vague prediction.

Now parameters can come in place that could shift this around totally!

The key element to remembers is that right now, yotube accounts for about 10% of the traffic to my site.