Friday, May 9, 2008

traffic on still rising - Linked with new blog published to the site?

Yes, it is still going up.

from 2 visitors/day to 20 visits/day in less than a month.

I know it does not sound like much but these satellite sites have been getting close to not traffic in a whole year, so, this is like a big victory as the other SEO steps I took where not resulting.

Now, here are some keys:

  • I get the feeling that what is published on this blog does not matter - What matters is that there is fresh content

Right or wrong?

  • Does it work because new content is published like 5 times/day or would it work the same if it was once/day

What is the ideal frequency

  • I am now launcing another experiment and see if I observe the same impact on

The new blog on that site was launched just an hour ago

  • How does that strategy score compared with simply publishing vids?

Well, suppose that I have 10 satellite sites all scoring the same with 20 new visits each/day, that's 200 targeted visits - That's for one month - It could be that the traffic increase is similar after the first month. So, I'll need to check how that one works out.

  • As a comparison, new vids get on average 10 visits/day

that's the same type of traffic except that the vids are free content oriented with a small fraction promotional. The satellite sites are sales pages.