Tuesday, May 20, 2008

strengthening the vital membership - more content for members only

over the last couple of weeks, I now give access to even more content to members only - the wake up your power, stay fit, tantric sex, tackle stress, more money are now for members only.

Same with part of the dating for women contnet and vital couples content.

Result: in the same time range, sales are up a good 25% with a few membership sales on top of that.

Conclusion: Another strategy that works.

What is a bit weird is that the sales boost comes from the other programs that already sell: break ups and jealousy.

There is actually littel to no slaes increase in the programs that are now for members only!


Visitors will be more enclined to buy if you don't give other stuff away for free.

If they can get something for free, many will get away with it without buying anything else.

imagine a shop for instance where you give away socks in front of a clothes shop.

The prospects walk by, get the socks and are satisfied with what they got. They have to "digest" their acquisition and happily walk away with it.

Good chances that it works like that on an energy level as well, without visitors actually realizing any of the se dynamic changes.

The boost in vital membership sales only represents as well as sales increase of another 30% in the last week.

This means that in the last week only overall, that's a 50% slaes increase overall.

Yes! before, when visitors checked the content of their membership, they could see that they could actually get 50% of within the free channels.

Now, the number of free channels is absolutely reduced. There are still some of them: the spiritual channels for instance.

The reason why all these channels were free before was:
  • Out of good will - Yes!
  • Desire to share what was created - gving 100 away rather than selling just 1 - Stimulates the flow of content
  • Boost the traffic to the site

All these reasons (except for traffic building when it works) don't make sense within a commercial context, right? But they do make sense within a spiritual context where content is not monetized - Again, when you put these reasons forward, it is good will with no financial reward.

Now, the new line that I developped now (content for members only) does obviously work as the sales are boosted 50%!

This is for the first two weeks of activity.

So, yes! the new line is successful and achieves the desired outcome.