Monday, May 5, 2008

Expansion lines - What I tried so far

This is the key element!

I am pretty sure that there is a possible expansion line for the site and my activity but at this stage I still did not tackle or identify it yet.

When I take a new step for instance the last 3 action lines I have been following, the goal is either expansion or simply activating what already exist.

More impact on audience, sales or traffic for instance.

here are some action lines with results

  • More vids publishing ++++

This hae been working great! There is a steady growth with the action i take with a steady increase in video videws, subscribers, good feed back, comments, etc.

What I am looking at now is potential further break through.


  • New e-books +++

Another very successful line - the new e-books are targeted and powerful and targeted. very good resources that ad value to already existing channels. In that case Break up for men, Dating for men, stay fit and vital membership.


  • Vital members only ???

A few steps have been taken that way.

2 sales/month so far - Mixed results - For this to shift to total success (no guarantee) the overall strategy and energy on the site would have to shift to mainly member access only.

Yes? or no? Is this the way to go? - I would need a clear answer on that one


  • Automatic blog posting - ???

This is another one of these SEO steps with very mixed results. It is along the same line as creating new multiple sites. Poor results in the last couple of years of activity along that line.


  • Platform for others ---

So far, this one did not respond positively. It does not stick!

A few attempts but no the results were contradictory. here is what I tried:

  • Interviews
  • Publishing other articles
  • Opening the forum to anyone's contribution
  • Video interviews
  • Audio interviews

All of this content represents only less than 1% of the content on the site.

This is definitely not a main line.

For this to work long term, the system would need to be automatized.

the thing is that creating a platform for others is a totally different story than creating a platform for yourself and creating the content yourself.

With these results, it is 100% clear that at least at this stage, is about what YOU have to say, not others.


  • Live events ???

This is one direction that was tried - At this stage, vid publishing has much more impact!


  • Group + Community ???

Another possible that direction that was not pursued so far. Why? Because vitalcoaching is non exclusive. It is non ellitist. It does not force you join a syste of beliefs or defend certain values.

the common link is the fact that you are a humn being!

No limitation of gendre, age or cultural backgound.

These techniques are for anyone who wants them.

It is that simple!

Stimulating or establishing a fence or a focused group limits already the impact if this is the main focus.

it can still happen in a group coaching format though.

the door is still open as well. It simply seems that the energy flows towards an all encompassing direction at this stage rather than a localized energy line.

This is why the vital membership which contains all the teachinga nd life strategies a I developped so far is the central point for any community or group oriented energy.

That's the common focus!



what is very clear is that my action has a specific focus and ideal form.

Ceratin action stick while other seems to bounce.

This means that the spirit I work with has a plan, specific purpose and structure.

The energy response is very clear, always!

These are no coincidences!