Saturday, May 3, 2008

Drop in sales and traffic after setting up stay fit access to members only

May 3rd - 3 e-book sales in 3 days which is low but not exceptional.

Traffic to site is low as well with potential site outing and loss of traffic as well and no new sign ups for coaching in a few days which is not exceptional either.

This is definitely related with a potential long week end with ascension days which is probably a public holyday in many places.

The Friday might have been an extra free day as well.

The question is: Is this drop a sign I should listen to?

Is this drop related with this recent change in the access to that material

Again, this is only possible on an energy level, as there is not enough traffic to that area of the site to generate visible sales on such short period of time.

Overall, the overall feeling for these stay fit and body pages is as if there is something unfinished with the way pages are set up or with what I did with them as well.

It could be a promotional step or something else which is still unfinished.

Not sure what could be done...

Possible steps:
  • 1 minute promotional videos with the vids already recorded
  • Post the 5 min vids already recorded
  • Package it differently $19 package or something else?