Sunday, April 20, 2008

subscribers and comments drop after posting video response

This is stunning!

I don't post any video for 2 weeks and start getting an average of 30 subscribers/week

Dozens of comments and a few questions come in every day.

I decide to start posting video responses and suddenly:
  • number of comments + subscribers drops.
It goes very fast!

This is only a 12 hours trend, so it is not significant enough to be a stat, but the pattern is clear and it is something that seems to happen.

Yes! I observed that before and it is really strange.

i would think totally the other way round.

i would think that no vids posted would lead to subsribers and comments drop...

And that new vids would create a flow of new subsribers.

In fact the exact opposite happens - at least short term.


A few possible reasons for that type of response:

  • It is 100% natural and is the result of an organic reaction - I simply repolarize/Monopolize the energy a bit by taking the main role/lead on the channel. The spot light is on me. It takes the energy away from those who visit

  • My video style is very directive - It's power kick advice which does not call for feed back - Is this a turn off on an energy level?
Absolutely not! Turn off is not the right word or concept!

The idea of organic reaction is spot on!

When you post, you manipulate energy!

You get what you create!


Some more points

  • The number of views is ok, stays relatively high: The two last vids got 50+views/day which is in line with usual

  • I got 3 posts on my comments - one of them is a hint for doing a vid about sex for men



  • This is just a test! to check how dedicated I am to actually go that way - This energy reaction could happen no matter what you engage into

  • These are details. The real target is to reach to a new octave


Possible options

  • Do it again exactly the way you did it - The subscribers drop is temporary anyway - only a day or two days drop and not really significant within a month period.

  • Listen to the reaction and do something about it! - This subscribers and comments drop is a hint! - Do something differently!

  • Create opinion opener videos with key questions to your audience - rather than giving directive feed back, offer a space for exchange of ideas and open dialogue.

  • Go to a whole new octave and create more prepared vids - more edited - more worked out! - Tried that one in the sense of editing - 1 day of work did not generate more views or response - Music, transitions, jokes and lost of variation in the vid did not create much change - If I check the difference between high edited vids and non edited vids, there is simply little difference or trend


The truth is that I want to gather momentum and I want my vids to generate a positive response - Connecting!


PS: As I am writing this message, new subscription just comes in