Sunday, April 27, 2008

new ebooks + access to vital members only = More sales - More signups ? - STRATEGY


this is at least how this could be interpreted.

a couple of weeks ago, I created 3 new e-books on dating for men

While the sales did not really go up for that specific product, the number of signups for coaching + the overall number of sales for all products is up.

Conclusion: the overall value of what I offer is up. credibility is up.

it seems to mean that creating new e-books + restricting access to members only to ceratin arts of the site do lead to higher sales and more coaching sign ups.

So, that specific strategy does work!

Yes! It can be followed up!

The overall energy is distributed more to paying clients and cutomers, less to free visitors.

It concentrates the energy and validates my work financially.

Of course this is only type of possible reward but if ar least more income is part of the target, this seems to be definitely the way to go.

Note that there is no increase in sales yet for neither the dating for men or vital membership products but sales are steady for other products and especially the number of coaching sign ups is particularly high this week.

The dynamics are clear: more appealing e-books for members only = Increased credibility and coaching attraction, increased trust, etc.