Sunday, April 20, 2008

jealousy sales page with video + MP3 call for action results in high sales - STRATEGY

For about a week, I achnegd the jealousy for men sales page and added video + audio call for action.

The program contains now videos as well.

The result is very good with a significant increase in sales.

1 week is too short to draw long term stats but the results are definitely there.

Same type of results were observed on break up for men sales page as well. Vids have been added around 3 months ago and again, it seemed to work then.

Well done!


  • Ad video sales to the page
  • Ad audio call for action?
  • Ad videos to the program to increase its value

The jealousy sales page was shifted not only on the main page, it was changed on all SEO pages and the two other sites as well.