Sunday, March 2, 2008

Steps that would only bring some limited results - STRATEGY

Here are some of the steps that come to mind but which usually give little results:
  • Maximizing ad campaigns on G or Y!

this has already been done a lot in the past and with ad price being so high, right now, with these products and that type of campaigns, these strategies have already been tested a lot!

High potential loss risk - Little to expect because CPC far too higg

  • Creating a shopping cart like approach with all products for sale

With the existing products, this could result in a sales increase of 10% with the existing traffic, pages and products. The products which are for free now have been for sale in the past with limitted results. This has been tested as well

Already tested - 10% potential gain

  • Perfecting some of the products

This is an ongoing efforts which does eventually bring some improvement by adding videos or audios for instance. Yes! This works to a certain extent.

This requires lots of focus and perfecting both sales pages and products. The sales page can reflect the new energy.

Potential gain - 20% - ????

  • Creating a new e-book, audio series or video series

This again has been tested a lot in the past - Many good results have been achieved but mant e-books have been created as well that don't have audience or exposure. Creating an e-book is easy. It is selling ot an exposing it that is the challenge.

Potential gain - Infinite if the marketing strategy is complete - However this is only one link in the chain

  • Working on the satellite sites, creating new blogs, social bookmarking activity, etc.

With all the effort that has been put in these sites, the results are limited. Huge effort (probably the equivalent of 3 months of work) for little results so far.

Potential gain - little

  • Free advice in forum, email, etc

This establishes a high level of credibility but it is double. the sales resulting from promoting products that way is a small fraction of the response I get. Doing it more won't generate more sales. It is like volunteering.

Potential gain - little



Here are some possible strategies...

  • Sell everything - Stop giving away stuff for free!!!

A possible direction to go now is to sell everything which is available for free. Totally limit the access to products including forum and free advice to paying members or customers only.

  • Work on your products! - Not on free content!

Yes! Product's quality and content can be immensely improved. This means that you focus on those rather than on creating free content.

If this is done properly, this could mean an increase of 20% - 50% revenue.

Some products improvements did back clash though. Sometimes, after adding a set of audios, to an e-book, it seems that the product sells sometimes less than before.

This complexification of the product is again a double factor which is not clear.


Both of these strategies have been tested, sometimes with good results, sometimes, not! It's very double!


Conclusion 2

  • More complex or simpler products?

By adding material to one product, this product becomes more and more complex which can be a good thing or a bad thing... Is it better to sell products the way I post videos. One shot! One sales page! One day creation! That's it! - Ideally, I would love to do that!!! That's for sure! - Does it sell better? - Sometimes, it is this newness factor