Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Selling power - Why the sales go up and down? - STRATEGY

In february 2008, I observed a sales flow which was very specific.

Sales wnet down as I published lots of free content in the video sites.

All that was simply giving freely and the drop in sales was clear.

Then I focused on videos for sale and posted a few new videos ads for the break up products and the sales went up slightly.

then i created long videos (45 min - 60 min) and the sales wnet even more up, even though these specific videos did not sell.

This dynamic is quite impressive because creating a video that is not freely shared in creased the sales for the break up product.

That's very symbolical and reflects the fact that sales highly depend on the type of activity I engage into.

If it's more power and commercializing of products in general, it will increase the sales.

It's a matter of both giving and selling another part.

This seems to concentrate the power of the enterprise.

You stay within a commercial system when this happens.

The other cycle of activity i engaged into before was about giving everything away for free with no pressure or selling intention.

This creates a good response in terms of visits to pages but it's more felt on an energy level.

What is funny is that the break up videos which are hghly promotional do get a very positive response, even though they are basically promotional.

The dating for women videos get a good response but they receive less ovation or validation than the break up for men system.

Both work though and the other videos work as well.

The spiritual, power kicks and everything I posted in video channels and on my site, all work.

The overall response is a good 80% positive, great feed back and good traffic!

So, this works.

With the break up for men there is another type of reponse though or another dimension added to it. It's conquering fire, conquering power, acknowledgment, all that.

It is very clear!

But all lines of actions are good.

All topics are successful! I say that again.

they kind of support each other somehow