Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Sales page versus donation - Quck result of today's test

  • Donation page
  • 100 visitors
  • $0.10 in revenue


  • Same type of product with e-book + video side by side
  • Posted it
  • 1 sale 1 hour later!

I am actually quite happy with both pages. i find them bothe quite convincing and both offer value!

Of course, these are not statistics because the sample is too small.

It is simply an indication of what probably works best.

In the second example, the 48 min video is offered as a bonus to the e-book.

The same e-book has been for sale for more than 2 years and sold only 5 ot 10 copies I think.

there were maybe 3 copies sold in a whole year!

Today I update the e-book, post the extra bonus video on the side and within 1 hour there is a sale!

What is impressive is that the page which is directive and selling is the one that got the sale, rather than the one which gives the full freedom saying "pay what you want".

Of course there can be a dozen factors that can influence this as well as coincidence.

However, this definitely gives me a possible format to follow.

I did not frequently have that type of spectacular results in the past. It's not that spectacular in the terms of income of course but simply in terms of apparent result.

Again this is only an indication, not a proof!

Thank you!