Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Identify the key limiting factors and overcome them - STRATEGY

This is actually the key to successfuly overcome challenges with your business or site!

What are potential limitinga factors:

  • Traffic

This is vast field that of course can be always expanded


  • Design

In the design area here are possible limiting factors:

  • Font size in the "coaching" area. Is this an issue? Do you loose credibility because the fint is too big?
  • Blogs presentation - Too raw? - Well, when the design was nice, not many returning visitors either. The key is right medium + right content! If people want videos, don't give them an e-book!


  • Credibility

In that area, adding "credibility logos and signals like:

  • ICF member
  • approved by...
  • Hacker free ...
  • Etc.

Is this a limiting factor or not????


  • Demonstrate your expertise!

Along the same line as credibility, demonstrating your expertise is one of the elements which could be missing on your site! or product page!

This could definitely be one area to develop further which can trigger a much higher level of credibility from your audience!


  • Convincing media appearances!!!!
  • In the medias, etc.


  • Quality of the solution

Yes! This one can be a limiting factor. If for instance someone has jealousy issues but your solution requires too much effort or will power, there is potentila for finding a short cut of course

If it is the case, it means that the quality of your message + content need to be taken to the next octave.

It's more than that actually. It is how much and how positively your material impacts on a person's life


  • Not enough videos published

You are doing the right thing but simply not enough!

If you had 300 instead of 80 videos, of course, you would get more traffic, more views and more exposure!

You are doing the right thing bust simply not enough.

Is this a limiting factor?