Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Causes for subscriber drop - PODCASTS

For about 10 days now, I strated experimenting with republishing past audios into a new cycle. I did that for 9 out of 11 podcasts.

This i simply to make sure that new subscribers get the the past posdcasts they would not have listen to otherwise.

i did republish daily episodes for each channel.

This means that all subscribers were getting one episode/day.

Today after around 10 days, it is clear that:
  • There is about a 20% drop in subscribers
  • The number of MP3 downloads goes from 1000/day to around 1500/day

Why does the number of subscribers go down?

Two possibilities:

  • 1 episode/day is too much?
  • They already received and listened to these episodes and don't want to receive them again
  • They are no longer interested in the toipic or channel but notice that only when they start receiving new episodes again.
  • There might be another "technical issue" creating an error or something along that line when an episode is downloaded again
  • The value of the channel simply drops because episodes are being published again - People want fresh content!

Some or all of these previous points are guesses!

Solutions conclusions for the future:

  • Is one episode/day too much? - For instance with Youtube and channels I do enjoy, seeing that one episode has been published once a day is okay

One the other hand, these episodes are not being downloaded to my computer and taking bandwidth! The Itunes system which represents 95% of my subscribers is much more invasive than Youtube!

  • Yes! The value of a channel drops when episodes are sent again - This is true especially for those who already got a series of episodes and are getting them again.

In other terms, what is the real deal breaker here? Why does the subscriber number go down?

  • Is it the posting frequency? (1/day)
  • Is is the duplication of episodes with no new ones?

I now shifted to posting episodes every 3 days.

I will monitor how this influences the number of subscribers over the new 10-30 days.

That's it!