Friday, December 14, 2007

Top objections for your break up e-book - STRATEGY

  • I can't trust the author and the whole sales pitch
  • It's too complicate to use
  • It won't work for me
  • It will require too much effort on my side
  • I want to find solutions but I don't want to pay for it - I want it free! -
  • You offer so much free stuff in the forum, blog, promotional material and videos - I can't see the real value of buying your product - there is just too much for free
  • I am not convinced by your sales pitch.
  • I don't really want to solve my situation - I actually simply want to complain, feel sorry for myself or that my ex comes and rescues me.
  • I can't afford it.
  • I want to solve this but I don't want to take action, give my email or pay for anything - I sit back and you do all the work for me.

Another way of putting it:

  • Not convinced
  • Price issue
  • No energy to take action

Now, how can you overcome these key objections?

  • No energy to take action?

Give energy in the way your promote. Your sales pitch must build motivation, trust, belief and lead the prospect into taking action. Their energy level must rise while they are receiving your sales pitch or going through the page.

Strategy: give more energy!!!

  • Price issue?

This one is of course non-sense because rationally, the value of what they receive is much higher than the value of the product itself! But the product has no value if they feel they won't have time to workk on it or go through it.

What they do buy is a strategy, not the solution. The solution is a combination of right strategy and right action.

How many people have a price objection? Well, actually anyone who would like to get the material free!

  • For sale: conversion rate - 1%
  • For email subscription: conversion rate: 10-25% (that's even if the product is free!!!) - This means that 75% still won't have the time or energy to subscribe or will be turned off by the fact they have to give their email address and don't want to be sold to!
  • For direct access: conversion rate 75% if the product is just one click away. Now, how many of those will actually read the material and actively work on it at least a bit? Probably 20% (????) of those who access it. 80% won't have time, energy or belief that it will work for them. They don't have the momentum.

Conclusion: energy and time is a huge resistance or objection factor!