Monday, December 17, 2007

Is this agressive and too challenging already? - STRATEGY

If I say something like:

"If you want to waste your time and keep on searching, fine with me, right? :)

Come back when you are ready. I simply hope for you that the price won't have gone up yet to the $79 I am planning to sell this very soon."

Is this too agressive and even disrespectful?

What happens in a prospect's mind when they hear that?

Do they run away or do they respond to the challenge?

Is it a turn off?

It feels like it:


Because you start arguing with a prospect.

The emotional response is one of discomfort.

A prospect won't make a purchase if they feel discomfort in what you say.

The key for them to buy is to feel comfortable on your page, with what you say and with your product.

That's just a theory.

The exact opposite could actually be true as well!!!

You simply need to find a style that works for you.