Thursday, December 20, 2007

Conclusions - Dec 2007 steps - New break up sales page with videos - STRATEGY

Okay, this months has been hugely interesting for marketing on the site.

I did follow a marketing line with promotional messages and videos on the main break up e-book page.

The whole tone, style and intention was promotional and could be felt as soon as you log in the page.

The page was as well filled with lots of conetnt with full width window:
  • e-book test drive
  • audio testimonial
  • 2 videos
  • images
  • product description

All that within the first window without scrolling

That's lots!

It is too short to get 100% sure conclusions but the first impression is that sales seemed to drop.

If feels like the marketing tone of the page must have been a turn off, or too much info at once, or product too complicate or lack of coherence.

Whatever that was, the sales did not boost at all! On the contrary!

Now, I get the feeling that the audience has to get used to it. It has to get familiar with a new communications style before it adopts it.

But even then, there is no guarantee that this new sales page would even equal the success of the previous more simple one (without videos).

I get the feeling that overall this new page was a bit overwhelming and maybe tunring off visitors with too much hype.

It makes it less personal.

All these are guess backed up with som limited stats.

The numbers are too small to darw final conclusions.

I would have to multiply the test audience or the test period by 100 to be sure (with real split tests which could not be implemented because the audience and number of visitors is too small)

However, the results observed do make sense.

I can find intuitive explanations for the observed trends.

Conclusion: more hype, more info does not sell better!!!