Wednesday, October 10, 2007

"Marketers do and should do what they can to humanize their websites!!!" - QUOTE

Here is a quote I found back. No idea where I took it from, so sorry if you are the author and don't get your link back to your site :) Email me and I'll ad it gladly

"Marketers do and should do what they can to humanize their websites. !!!

Bottom line, people want to connect with other people.

In fact, what they really want is to feel more secure and comfortable.

As a result, they are screaming for credibility. They want more proof. They want to believe.

And they most certainly want to buy.

People are tired of hype and scams.

But contrary to popular opinion, they are not moving away from salesletters. They simply want to believe more, they want to trust more, and they certainly want to buy more.

Rather than being sold, people are literally telling you how they want to buy.

While the concept of Web 2.0 is overused, don’t let it steer you away from what it really means, particularly when it comes to web copy: interactivity"