Monday, September 17, 2007

Absolute positivity! - Why it sells - ARTICLE


The other day, I checked a video on dating skills for men. The site promotes an e-book on the topic

The video had nothing but pictures of beautiful women.

I thought: "This does not work for me! - I don't think I want to know more!"

I was wrong. After a few minutes of being bombraded with pictures of beautful girls, I was on the edge of taking action evn though, it is not a product I need!

Two days later, it suddenly strikes me. I now understand how it works:

I was writing a follow up email for one of my lists and wrote first:

"Hesitation is a success killer! Get this full package now! You won't regret it!"

When reading this message again, something disturbed me: "hesitation is a success killer" contains "success killer" which impacts negatively on my mind.

It happens instantly on my subconscious mind and my emotions react to these words.

It simply creates a negative emotion which conflicts with my system.

I get the feeling that this specific expression does not sell well!

I replaced it now with:

"Trust is a success booster! Get this full package now! You won't regret it!"

Is it better?

Images or words do impact subconsciously! Does absolute positivity sell better than adding negative words even for selling purposes?

Right now, I am simply experimenting with this concept. I do not have the final answer to what works best!

Feed back? To be followed?