Sunday, August 5, 2007

Appeal to unconscious desires

The role of any website and marketer is to appeal to unconscious desires.

There is always a trigger in the person visiting your site.

There is as well a very clear trigger when they decide to stay.

When your website responds to these core desires by stimulating the right emotional triggers, the cycle is complete.

This is what creates a win-win for both visitors and your site.

Let's take an example:

There is a product you want to sell on your site.

It is absolutely pointless to offer that product if the desires being triggered are not clear.

What are the emotions your visitors want to feel?

Do you know them?

Can you summarize them in a couple of sentences?

Does your website offer a real answer to these desires or needs?

Is your landing page responding to these desires or is it simply an expression of your own agenda?

Are you succeeding with triggering the right emotions or are you merely pushing your message and forcing them to listen to something they don't recognize?

This is the first question to ask yourself.

We'll come back with more on this topic